When it comes to redecorating your kitchen, there is an unmistakable push for homeowners to move towards the modern look. With so many advances in technology that have become woven into interior decorating techniques, it can be hard to sway away from a sleek and simple modern design made for efficiency. However, just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to use it. In fact, there can be something refreshing in using a traditional template within a modern home. In a world of stainless steel gadgets, a copper pot in a farm style kitchen can transport visitors to years past in a heartbeat.

If you’re someone who is drawn towards to a nostalgic farm style feel with a dash of function and a taste of the present day, then an homage to days past may be the right route for you. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect farm style kitchen and letting yesterday infuse your kitchen of today.

Getting granite to work for your theme

Once you’ve set your heart on a farm style kitchen, it’s important to figure out the major features first. One of the big ones is definitely what type of countertops you’re going to install and when you go with a farm style theme, this is even more important. Granite is a beautiful surface on its own, but when it comes to decorating with the past as inspiration, granite countertops can bring out earthy tones that easily bring to mind farm homes of yesterday.

Available in a variety of natural tones with underlying highlight colors, granite gives an outdoor feel in warm hues, while providing the durability your kitchen needs to function on a daily basis. Additionally, granite countertops can be dressed up or down with accent and display pieces to create the tone you’re going for.

Detailing with distressed features

Farm style kitchens smoothly incorporate distressed features without appearing old. The illusion lies in the detail and with well-distressed cupboards, a farm style kitchen can give the appearance of belonging to the past while maintaining an efficient and useable atmosphere. Try matching your distressed cupboard undertone to a highlight color in your granite countertops to really pull sections of your farm style kitchen together. For example, if your granite countertops has delicate, white speckling—try adding white distressed lines to your cupboards or even as accent lines on your kitchen floorboards.

Crafting with copper

There are some materials out there that just scream “rustic” and copper is one of them. Whether it’s sparkling new or an antique that you’ve kept around for ages, using copper as a primary accent piece will easily give your kitchen a farm style feel. If you’re feeling extra creative, replace your cupboard handles with bend copper spoons to add function and theme-oriented details. Simply setting out or hanging items like copper pots, pans and kettles can create the illusion of a homey space that was transported to your home from the country!

Illuminate your island

While the details are essential, crafting a farm style kitchen is also about displaying those items and pictures that speak to the theme you’re creating. Use your kitchen island as a display case when you’re redecorating with a farm style in mind. Farm animal trinkets, old family photos or antique utensils can be easily shown off in under-countertop glass cupboards where they are not only admired, but inevitably pulled into your overall décor. This is also a great way to get some of those pieces out in a visible light without worrying about whether or not they’ll get knocked over or broken.

Weaving wood into your décor

Farm style kitchens require a rustic touch and nothing says country better than a little touch of wooden décor. It’s up to you to decide how much or how little of this to use. If you’re going for a family oriented farm style feel, you may want to add a set of distressed wooden chairs to your table or island. If you’re thinking less is more, try adding a darker wood-based floorboard to give your kitchen a comfortable, country feel.

Take it easy with the farm theme

While a farm style kitchen can be comfortable and creative, it’s important not to go overboard. Farm style doesn’t mean every last detail in your kitchen needs to be countryside oriented. Sometimes, there’s a tendency to go crazy on the cuteness factor and add something “farm” to everything and everything a persona can see. Stick to extremely theme-based décor on curtains or chair covers and neutralize a little on the rest. The ultimate goal is not for your kitchen to be farm style tacky, but farm style sophisticated. Make it a place your family and friends want to convene and spend time by creating a space that’s open and creative, but not overwhelming.

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