When it comes to shelving options, there seems to be an unspoken, but very visible standard on the market. In many homes, it’s not uncommon to see closed-door shelving that keeps dishes in and utilizes the front of cabinets to tie in décor themes. While this is a beautiful and practical option, it’s important to remember that when it comes time to redesign, there isn’t a rule in the book that states you must have closed shelving.

In fact, there are a lot of benefits to taking off the doors and letting shelving options shine. Utilizing common space in a new and unique way is a great step towards personalizing your home renovations to your own taste and style. Whether you see it as functional or fun, trying some open shelving in your home could be a creative way to give space in your residence new life.

Easy access

While there are multiple benefits to installing open shelving in your home, one of the most obvious is that it provides easy access to everything you’ll ever need! No longer will you have to worry about guessing which cabinet or drawer holds which because everything you need to utilize will be visible to the naked eye and right out there in the open. When you think about it, being able to see everything you need is a great motivator to keeping what’s in your home to the essentials. If you can see it and don’t need it, you probably don’t need to keep it around. Open shelving has the potential to work in your favor when it comes to getting rid of some of that clutter that just isn’t necessary anymore.

Can be added as storage to islands with accent pieces to match granite

Open shelving options are flexible home features that can also be used for added storage. While some of the more obvious places for open shelving include kitchen walls and cabinets, free standing shelves can be great additions under kitchen islands as well to display additional items. This could be a strategic interior design move as well if you choose to display accent pieces that tie into granite countertop colors you adore. You’ll be increasing storage while visually pulling the room together by the color scheme.

Can be painted to compliment primary features

Making way for open shelving also provides a canvas for creativity. Shelving units can be purchased individually and painted at will. Similarly, if you decide to add open shelving in your kitchen by simply removing cabinet doors, the interior and exterior of the cabinets can then be painted. This is a fun and unique way to add a touch of bold color to your interior design themes.

Pull in other colors by painting the wall behind

Similarly, the wall behind open shelving is now free to be decorated. If you’re on a roll with the paint, why not continue onto the wall behind and create a work of art in the process. If you’re dishware tends to be on the neutral side, adding a splash of color to the wall behind open shelving units can act as a type of frame for the items being stored there.

Put colorful glassware or antiques up higher

Alternatively, if you decide to maintain a more neutral colored shelving unit, you’re free to fill them up with colorful and stunning glassware! The way you store glasses will become an artistic endeavor as you find the freedom to mix and match plates and cups however you would like. You might even consider stacking an array of decoratively designed coffee cups to really make the shelving items pop.

Mounted as open shelves on braces

Open shelving units also provide the possibility for unique texture to be added to your home décor. If you opt for a free standing shelf that’s mounted on braces, you’ll be able to play with the color and materials of those additional mounting units. Flowery, metallic braces can add a glamorous touch to a modern kitchen, or bring a softer appeal to a space that primarily hosts solid, clean lines.

Wall paper behind to add a bold pattern

Finally, open shelving units give you the freedom to use a traditional technique in an entirely new way. For both open cabinets and free standing shelves, a swatch of boldly patterned wallpaper behind can be an amazing way to bring in some unique designs. For example, if your kitchen has primarily white décor and light-toned granite countertops, a bold, teal-patterned wallpaper behind the cabinets or island shelving would be a dramatic visual contrast. This type of design statements allow you to pull aesthetic focus to wherever you want in your home, and speak to your creative taste as well! So get ready to open up your home to open shelving options and watch your décor possibilities go beyond what you ever imagined possible.

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