It makes no difference if your bathroom is small or large if it is not properly organized. Clutter in a large bathroom can make it appear small and in a small bathroom clutter can create a really cramped feeling. There are a variety of different storage options for the bathroom that can help create the feeling of space in any size bathroom and help keep the room more organized on a regular basis. Here are a few of those ideas to help you figure out what will work best for your family.

Wall Cabinets

One of the simplest ways to create extra space and to keep bathroom supplies organized is a wall cabinet. This is an especially beneficial item in a smaller bathroom where you are limited on floor space for other types of cabinets. You can choose to hang this on the wall behind the toilet, or over your granite vanity top behind the sink. Opting for open shelving will help create depth in the space and allow you to display decorative items, such as rolled towels, floral arrangements, and other items. However, if you are storing everyday items in the cabinet that are not of a decorative nature, you can choose a closed front cabinet style instead.

Storage Tower

If you are working on a remodel of your bathroom, you may want to consider adding a built-in storage tower. These take up very little space and are great for storing towels and toilet paper, as well as other bathroom items. You can leave the shelves open to help add depth to the space and display your decorative items, or you can place a small paneled door on the front. If you opt for open shelving in a storage tower, you could coordinate it with the sink. Choose a floating vanity with a neutral-toned granite countertop with similar open shelving underneath for even more storage space.

Storage Ladder

In larger bathrooms, a storage ladder is a great option for aiding in organization and adding a bit of style to the space. Paint the ladder using an accent color of your bathroom palette. As you know, the shelves of the ladder will become progressively smaller. This allows you to store different sizes of items on each shelf. For instance, the larger shelf on the bottom is great for towels, toilet paper on the next shelf, and wash clothes on the top shelf. These are just a few ideas of items that you can store on each level of the storage ladder.

Wicker Baskets

One of the latest trends in bathroom design is a spa-like feeling. This design incorporates cool colors of greens and blues, as well as lighter natural shades. A great way to add storage is through the use of storage baskets, preferably made of wicker to add to the natural elements of a spa-like bathroom. It is recommended that you choose a floating vanity with a white granite countertop, adding a shelf to place the wicker baskets on underneath. You can keep towels and toilet paper in the wicker baskets.

Built-In Niches

If you have a rather large bathroom and are working on remodeling, you might want to consider adding built-in shelving behind the vanity. In an old-world styled bathroom, you can have a large vanity with a bowl sink in the center. In the built-in niche behind this section, you can install a large mirror. On either end, you can do built-in niches with open shelving to store bathroom items. We recommend dark natural woods for the cabinet below the vanity, as well as the shelves in the built-in, and white granite countertops and white walls. This color palette really helps the built-in sections to stand out and the storage to become a visually appealing part of the space.

Sink Skirt

In the instance that you have an extremely tiny bathroom with very limited space, you could opt for a floating sink with a sink skirt. This allows you to hide storage bins or baskets underneath the sink without them being creating visual clutter. You can add a variety of different storage containers for your bathroom items without anyone ever knowing they are there. Choose a pattern that coordinates with your bathroom palette.

As you have learned, no matter the size of your bathroom, there are several different options for getting things organized. From sink skirts to built-in shelving, you have plenty of ideas to get your organization planning started. Take the time to think about the size of your bathroom and what you wish to accomplish with bathroom storage. If you want to display your decorative items, remember to choose a storage option with open shelving. If you like to keep things behind closed doors, opt for closed-front cabinetry or a sink skirt to hide your toiletries.

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