When renovating your home a common place that is over looked is the bathroom. Instead of overlooking the bathroom, bring a modern style to your home. You can transform your bathroom into a thing of beauty and you may even increase the value of your home. There are many choices you can make to design your bathroom, but it is always good to do a little research. Listed below will be the top five bathroom renovation designs that have been seen in magazines and home improvement shows.

1. Clean and Warm

Clean white bathrooms have been popular for years; everyone likes their bathroom to look like a crisp clean place to take a shower or bath. A modern twist to a white bathroom is to adding wood highlights like a wood floor or a wood wall behind a white sink. The wood can take the sterile feel out of a white bathroom and adds warmth. You will boost the bathrooms over all look with the contrast and the bathroom will take on a homey cottage look making it a room you want to spend some time in.

2. Stay Away From a Traditional Bathroom

When you come up with a design for your bathroom think of it more as an extension of your home. You can bring items in from the rest of the home like artwork or a sitting chair if you have a large bathroom. Make your bathroom feel like a spa, a place you can paint your nails and read a magazine. Even replacing your boring overhead light with a beautiful chandelier and strategically placing plants around the room can make a huge difference in a bathroom. To create a more spa like feel, designers are painting bathrooms pastel colors like purple or peach.

3. Restore the Natural Beauty

Instead of turning your bathroom into a room that would be featured in a science fiction movie, you can design your bathroom to look like bathrooms did in a simpler time. These vintage bathrooms are either made by bringing antique materials, sinks, and hints of brass or by decorating the walls with subway tiles and black and white floors. You will not have to resort to having avocado green countertops you can always install a modern flair with white or black granite countertops. Add a wood magazine rack and black and white towels to this new restored look and you will have a finished beautiful bathroom.

4. Update the Shower

No remodeled bathroom should ever have a plastic curtain hanging down to obstruct your view of the shower you just installed or refurbished. Having a walk in shower is the height of high-end amenities not many older homes have. However, if you need a door because there is not enough room for an open shower consider installing a frameless glass door. These are incredibly modern and are a designer favorite for bathrooms being designed today. Having the shower as a showpiece can make even a very inexpensive remodel look extravagant. Make sure you are ready for the maintenance and upkeep of your glass door and hide a squeegee nearby to clean the glass after a shower.

5. Color

The easiest way to update your bathroom is to paint it a different color. Some people like wallpaper, but that is not really in style this year. Pastel colors will make a small bathroom look larger and they are being used in modern designs, but other colors are also in vogue. Grays and browns are seeing an increase in popularity and they give a bathroom a warm feel. White bathrooms are the most predominant and favored color in bathroom design and that probably will not change for a while. Beige is the second most used and preferred color, but as more and more houses are being slapped together and beige is the go to color, you may want to be more creative with your remodel. After you paint your bathroom you might get inspired to do a little more, or that may satiate your need for change.

Remodeling your bathroom can be just what you need to make your home feel new again. Make sure you are clear as to what you want and research the style well in advanced before you buy any of the materials. If you do not have a big budget and you really need a change, consider buying a brand new granite countertop. It is a little bit more expensive than a paint job, but granite countertops cannot only raise the value of your home it is beautiful to look at. Granite countertops are great for bathrooms because they are durable and long lasting. In addition, each piece is unique so when you find the perfect piece you know that no one else has that particular counter. Have fun and pick a remodel that suits your style and needs.

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