Creating a luxurious kitchen starts with choosing an elegant theme or style and ends in carefully choosing the details to emphasize luxury. The most important details you need to think about to create the luxurious kitchen theme is the colors, lighting, flooring, backsplash, and countertop materials. The choices you make for each of these details will either emphasize your luxurious style or create a noticeable break in the design. To avoid any awkward elegance, here are our tips to achieve an elegant kitchen design.

Invest in Incredible Countertop Materials

There are many incredible countertop materials to choose from to create your elegant kitchen and some to stay away from. For true luxury, stay away from cheaper materials like laminate and tile. These materials will also not last very long compared to the better, more luxurious countertop materials. Some of the more incredible countertop materials are marble, granite, and quartz. These countertop materials are very durable, long lasting and appealing in any home. Each material is unique in its own way yet all are elegant and durable. Marble and granite are made entirely out of natural stone but quartz is not, so if you want that heavy and impressive sense of luxury stick with the natural stone.

  • Granite is the most common countertop material because it is the strongest, most durable, and incredibly difficult to stain or scratch. With granite you can choose from a large variety of colors and patterns that occur naturally in the stone.
  • Quartz has similar benefits to granite and even more colors to choose from. The big difference between quartz and granite is quartz is not natural. Many of the elements are manufactured, causing an artificial feel for your luxury kitchen. The amazing thing about granite as opposed to quartz is all the colors and patterns available are naturally occurring. However, with quartz you do not have to put a topcoat and less cleaning is required. In order for granite to be durable and strong, you need a finish or it will stain and scratch more easily.
  • Marble is structured very well, but is very sensitive to certain elements like acidic liquids and chemical cleaners. Marble tends to darken over time, but the material is the most unique out of the three countertop materials.

When you are choosing between these three countertop materials, consider what color you want to match your theme, how much cleaning you will need to do, and how durable the material needs to be over time.

Install Elegant Lighting

The lighting you choose to emphasize your elegant theme depends on the overall atmosphere and the use of your kitchen. For more of a softer, mood lighting to promote elegance and mystery, then you want to install recessed lighting and gorgeous fixtures with dimmer options. If you want to shine a light on the details of your kitchen and make it look more like something out of the ancient world, then you want to add as much natural light as possible and ways to reflect that light. For natural light emphasis, choose light or white colors for your kitchen so the light spreads better. For mood lighting, you can go with a darker and dramatic color scheme.

Choose Rich Flooring

The flooring should be a rich, luxurious color that also blends with the rest of your kitchen. A rich hardwood floor is always a nice touch because it goes with nearly any color combination that you choose for your kitchen. Hardwood is available in many different types of wood that provides various shades of colors. You can also choose other floor materials, such as granite, marble, or tile – just make sure the material promotes richness and elegance.

Allow Your Backsplash to Tie It Together

A tile backsplash is a small detail that ties your luxurious design together. You can be very creative with it because your backsplash does not have to match the cabinets or the countertops exactly. It can be a combination of all other elements or a statement color not found in your kitchen. The backsplash can be solid or a swirling, elegant pattern. Making your backsplash look luxurious to match your kitchen style depends on the material and the coloring based on the rest of your design.

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