Getting a tax refund is something that you may look forward to every year.

If you own a home, you know there are always projects that you’re hoping to get to “someday.”

Why not take the opportunity to begin chipping away at your list of to-do’s with your refund this year?

Maybe you know you want to make some home improvements, but you’re not quite sure where to begin.

Here’s a little guide to help spark your creativity and what you can accomplish with varying amounts of money.

$500 refund

You can put a down payment on a larger project or you can focus on the details of your home, like new rugs, recaulking and painting your baseboards, adding touches to the outside of your home, such as a new mailbox, flower boxes, and update outdoor lighting, or even hiring a professional organizer to help you get your clutter under control.

$1000 refund

While it isn’t flashy, replacing your water heater with a tankless one can save energy and a lot of money.

Another idea for this amount of money is to revamp your ceilings. You could always have crown moulding added or install some box beams to add visual interest and change the look of the entire room.

$2000 refund

As your refund grows, so do your options for what you can do to your home.

A couple thousand dollars allows you to take on a project such as upgrading the lighting throughout your home. It’s a great way to give each room a more customized look as you create the mood you want for each space.

Another idea for this price range is to install hardwood flooring. The prices will vary according to how much space you’d like to cover, as well as what type of wood floors you want. Your contractor will be able to help you decide what’s best for your situation that fits your budget.

A third popular option is to add a deck to your home or upgrade the one you have. Of course, as with most things, the costs will vary depending on the options you choose, but a small deck will typically cost around $2000. Not to mention the fact that it’s a great selling point for potential buyers when the time comes for you to put your home on the market.

$3000 refund

Your kitchen is one of the smartest rooms to change up in terms of a return on your investment.

$3000 will give you a great start on purchasing new appliances, upgrading your countertops, or adding or replacing cabinets.

New flooring and a kitchen island are also options that can give your kitchen a greater level of style and functionality.

$5000 refund

Have you always wanted an outdoor kitchen?

With a refund of this size, a simple kitchen in your backyard is doable. You can purchase a premade grill structure that includes countertops and some storage space, a mini-refrigerator, and some quality, comfy outdoor furniture and you’re ready to put some burgers on the grill and call your friends for some barbecue fun.

You could also put up a privacy fence in your backyard. It can create a whole new space for relaxing with the family without worrying about the whole neighborhood looking in.

Which project fits your budget?

Depending on the amount of your refund, there are some great ideas for you to consider.

Even if you can’t pay for the whole project with your refund, you’ll be able to get a good start!

Talk to your contractor about your options today.

For help remodeling your home, contact your local experts Virginia Kitchen and Bath.

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