Picking out the kitchen layout you want to use in your home should be an exercise in independence, but more often than not, it’s easy for this type of project to become a pressure-driven activity. It’s important to remember when it comes time to pick out a kitchen layout that your ultimate kitchen design doesn’t need to fit anybody else’s expectations or standards–it simply needs to fit your own family and lifestyle.

The kitchen is a room in your home that holds a great deal of meaning when it comes to everyday use and family. It’s a place to hold parties, dinners, conversations and many important moments in between. That means that when it comes to the layout of this space, taking time to find what’s right for you is an extremely important project. Here are a few helpful tips when trying to decide which kitchen layout is best for your particular space.

The open floor plan

For homeowners that love hosting parties or have homes that are full of the pitter-patter of children’s feet, the open floor plan kitchen layout could be the ideal solution. Built for optimal space and countertops that hug the sides of the room, an open floor kitchen layout is going to work best as a room that’s built to hold and host friends and family. If this is the route you choose to take, you might also try considering adding a mobile kitchen island.

Normally structured on wheels, a mobile kitchen island can be a great addition to an open kitchen floor plan as it allows you to section off your kitchen as necessary, or simply roll out of the way when it’s time to bring in the guests. Similarly, adding a granite countertop to a mobile island with this type of floor plan can help you dress a kitchen up or down at will. Those who go with an open layout generally require a flexibility of sorts. A mobile kitchen island with granite countertops is going to bring a sophisticated touch to your kitchen when you need it, and easily transfer to roll away countertop space when you don’t.

U-shaped kitchen layout

Sometimes picking the perfect kitchen layout comes down to logistics. While you may love the vintage feel of your older home, the dimensions of yesterday don’t always meet the needs of the modern day. If you find yourself with a space hosting odd-dimensions, a u-shaped kitchen layout is a great solution. Only needing three walls to complete the look, a u-shaped kitchen allows homeowners to tuck their kitchen into a corner and keep available open space ready for dining and socializing.

The closed kitchen layout

Perfect for the culinary genius in your home who wants more of a workspace feel out of a kitchen, the closed kitchen layout is an optimal choice. It keeps the kitchen separate from the dining space giving the chef room to work and guests a very specific dining area in which to enjoy the final delicious creation! Additionally, a closed off kitchen gives you a little more freedom to try some bold kitchen features as they won’t be visible in comparison with dining room or living room color schemes. If this is the layout for you, feel free to try bold colors for granite countertops that you might not otherwise as a way to keep your culinary set up durable, but uniquely vibrant!

The central island layout

A variation on the open kitchen layout, a kitchen designed with a central kitchen island is perfect for homes that have plenty of family and friends gathering to chat, eat and generally be together. The beauty of a central island layout is that you have the opportunity to display beautiful granite countertops that also deliver permanent extra counter space to cook or display items or dishes you and your guests will love. Similarly, a kitchen with a central island offers up increased storage space that’s hidden away, meaning there’s more room for family and friends to move around with ease.

The galley kitchen layout

The absolute essence of functionality, a galley kitchen layout consists of two primary countertops running the length of the kitchen that open up into a dining room on the end. While this design is built for efficiency and cooking, the hallway style layout provides the opportunity for chef and guest to still interact while cooking and eating. Still accessible to friends and family, the galley kitchen acts as more of a frame for the dining room and emphasizes the kitchen as a space for culinary adventures above all else.

No matter what kitchen layout you choose for your space, making sure it fits your personal taste and lifestyle is a must. When your kitchen fits your needs, you’ll find your house more of a home than ever before.

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