When it comes to kitchen renovation, there seems to be a pattern of thought that many homeowners follow. Just behind the decision to install new, beautiful granite countertops often comes the decision to redo the kitchen cabinets. The kitchen is a space in the home that necessitates functionality for all of the events it holds, but also works perfectly for creativity. As primary kitchen features, this is why countertops and cabinets primarily lend themselves to the desire to re-do. They are visual focal points that get a lot of use on a daily basis, and it makes sense that they would take first place in the race to re-decorate.

While it’s tempting to want to make everything new during a kitchen renovation, sometimes the best upgrades come with a little vintage touch. If you’re looking for the perfect kitchen feature to incorporate some vintage-ware, look no further than the cabinets. It’s fun to shop for sparkly new cabinets, but vintage kitchen cabinets offer up a unique sense of purpose, history and depth that’s hard to find new off the line. Here are five reasons you should take some time to consider vintage kitchen cabinets and what makes them so standout amongst all of your cabinet choices.

Kitchen features that tell a story

If you’re a homeowner that loves hosting social events in your home, there is no better conversation starter out there than vintage kitchen cabinets. It’s likely that guests will spend a large part of their time perusing your kitchen, as it inevitably becomes the primary food source. While they’re lingering and mingling, why not give them something beautiful to discuss that comes with a great story. The most delightful aspect of any vintage piece in your home is that there is a history connected that becomes woven into your own family history as you update the piece or give it a personalized touch.

Vintage cabinets are no exception to the rule. They are going to stand out for their classic design, but will be that much more meaningful because of where they’ve come from and how you’ve acquired them for your own kitchen.

They guarantee a rustic touch

Vintage kitchen cabinets can be the answer to the rustic touch you’ve been searching for in your home. With some light updating on the paint front, vintage kitchen cabinets are going to maintain their shabby chic appearance and give your kitchen a rustic flair. Similarly, this distressed look often brings out the best in other earth tones found throughout your kitchen. If your kitchen has granite countertops, specifically in earth tones such as brown or green, a set of vintage cabinets is going to highlight the natural quality of the stone and really pull the room’s look together.

There’s financial value in vintage

If you’re working on your kitchen renovation with a strict budget in mind, vintage kitchen cabinets may save you some hard-earned income. Because they require some personalized touching up, vintage cabinets can often be found at a reduced price. This means more money in your wallet that can go towards modern additions such as granite countertops or appliances!

Era-specific looks can be easily updated

Vintage kitchen cabinets provide an endless number of options for exploring your own creativity. It may be that you find a set of vintage kitchen cabinets that you love for their era-specific shape, but you can’t stand the color. This is an easy and even fun fix with just a coat of modern, bold paint. The contrast between the vintage styling and modern colors can create a set of cabinets that’s useful and artful. The same goes for updating the details on cabinets. It’s easy to highlight delicate artisanship on vintage pieces with light shades of accenting paint that make those lines stand out. Similarly, if you the love the cabinets but hate the old handles, these can be switched out for colorful, modern ceramic additions to make your cabinets really pop!

They open the door for a unique spin on classic looks

Vintage kitchen cabinets provide a flexible overall look in your kitchen that can be slightly altered in fun ways. If you’re not in love with the front door, but can’t get enough of the top-of-the-cabinet design, feel free to remove the front door completely and work with the inside alone! Turning your vintage kitchen cabinets into a display case of sorts can be an excellent way to highlight the features you love the most, while increasing their functionality and aesthetic appeal. The vintage boarder of the cabinets will work almost as a frame for whatever you choose to put inside. Try really playing up the look of the cabinets by adding some colorful wallpaper or paint to the back of the cabinet for visual intrest. The small details can go a long way in bringing out the best in your vintage cabinet set.

Not a fan of vintage? Try something a little more modern.

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