All parents experience a certain type of joy while waiting for a newborn to arrive. They take time and effort into planning and decorating a nursery in anticipation of the day they bring the little one home. There is another room in the house, however, that could use just as much attention, and that is a kids’ bathroom. Finding a perfect design often depends on the gender of your kids and whether or not the bathroom will be used as a guest bath as well. Here are some amazing kids’ bathroom design themes that help you address those situations and find the perfect bathroom design for your home.

Gender-Neutral Neutrals

One thing to consider is whether or not you need the kids’ bathroom to be gender neutral. If this is the case, we recommend a neutral toned bathroom that incorporate pops of color with accessories. For instance, you can opt for a cream-colored vanity with a gray or beige-colored granite countertop. Pair this will cream-colored walls and a large mirror to help reflect light. Add pops of blues and oranges with towels, rugs, and shower curtains. Avoid pastel hues in this plan, as they tend to be outgrown by children within a few years.

Baby Blues

If you have only boys, or do not mind a blue bathroom for a girl, this can be a great color scheme. A robin’s egg blue on the walls with a darker blue hue for the trim can really help add the illusion of depth and brighten up the space. The similar shade of the darker blue adds an interesting monochromatic feeling, and you can choose either a gray granite countertop or a similar shade of blue to keep the color scheme similar.

Green & Orange

A combination of green and orange can make an interesting fruity and fresh feeling in another kids’ bathroom design. This works great in small narrow bathrooms, as it helps to brighten up the space and add depth. If you have room for a small vanity, opt for a white granite countertop, white trim around the windows and mirrors, and incorporate a narrow white open-shelving unit for extra storage. A dark hardwood floor works well in this space.

Sunshine or Sunset Delight

A great color to use in bathrooms, especially for kids is bright orange. We recommend using white tile for the bottom half of the walls and paint the top half a bright shade of orange. Pairing this with a dark wood mirror and vanity helps to enhance the bright color of the orange paint, without being too overwhelming. White granite countertop works well with the darker hue for the vanity and the brighter color on the walls, helping to subdue the brightness. Utilizing a rainbow striped shower curtain add a hint of child-like charm.

Aquatic Life

One of the most popularly chosen designs for kids’ bathroom is aquatic life. This includes the use of brightly colored walls and kid-friendly accessories. Choosing a customized towel rack with marine animal hooks, such as an octopus, a whale, or a shark is a great idea. They are fun, and could possibly entice kids to remember to hang up their towels after their bath. With the use of bright, vibrant colors on the walls, you should consider a neutral shade of granite countertop for the vanity, and dark flooring.

Mountain Inspired Bathroom

If your kids are slightly older, say the tween years, consider creating a locker-room style bathroom – if you have the space. Incorporate a stall door on the bathroom for the toilet area, and use tall open shelves to store toiletry items. If you have the space, add multiple shower stalls and multiple sinks, especially if your kids host large gatherings. A neutral color palette is an excellent option in this space, but you can add a pop of color with a bright red granite countertop on the vanity.

American Nautical

Another highly popular kids’ bathroom design is the American nautical theme. This combination of white walls, red mirror frame, and blue granite countertop atop a white vanity boasts a contemporary design that is simple. It works for both boys and girls, and adds pops of color to an otherwise neutral color palette.

There are a variety of themes and color palettes you can choose from when designing a kids’ bathroom. Before you make the final decision, take the time to picture what each one of these will look like. It is often the best choice to choose the design that best matches the overall design of your home, as well as displays your personality. In many cases, the kid’s bathroom also serves as a guest bathroom. When this is the case, avoid choosing a design that is 100% kid-friendly, but opt for something that can accommodate both kids and adults comfortably.

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