Bathroom updates are a great way to increase your home’s resale value while making everyday life better at the same time. But how does one do so on a budget? See how freshly painted walls, refinished vanity, spruced-up vintage mirror, and complementing fixtures can add depth and character to your bath without denting the wallet with the best suiting bathroom remodeling service

Every bathroom needs a few upgrades now and then, but there is no need for you to remodel it. With these affordable bathroom updates, you’ll have a brand-new bathroom in no time. Let’s get to it. 


Affordable Bathroom Updates: Are They Even Possible? 

bathroom updates

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Your dream bathroom always resembles ‘His & Her’ sinks, a luxury bathtub, metallic faucet, over-the-top lighting, and a walk-in shower. However, is it possible to install these in your new bathroom without breaking the bank? Though it may seem unlikely, affordable bathroom remodeling updates are, in fact, attainable. How so? 

Resist the notion of demolishing everything. You don’t have to tear everything down either. You can salvage most bits and refurbish them to look brand-new. 

You’ll save hundreds of dollars instantaneously by doing so. It will flat-out elevate your budget and make room for additional expenses. Then you can invest in smarter, durable pieces that will last you longer. 

Along with kitchen remodels, bathroom remodels often take a toll due to their unpleasant surprises, untimely delays and unexpected mishaps, and more. Yet we’ve found the most economical and affordable bathroom remodeling service to match your unique space. 


Pick Out The Paint

Sometimes, all you need to do is pick out a certain color combination to give life to your bathroom. A splash of color can quickly brighten the dull room and breathe new life into it. But don’t limit yourself to just the walls. 

For example, if you aren’t happy with your vanities, paint them over instead of replacing them. And after just a few hours, your vanity will look brand-new and more in line with your desired theme. 

You can also opt for a trend color scheme like neutral, all white, or go bold with accent colors like emerald green or black. 


Light It Up 

Lighting fixtures are easier to replace than you might think and can significantly enhance your bathroom atmosphere. Try to match the light fixture’s finish with the finish of your new plumbing fixtures for additional style points. 

You can choose mixed metal hinges and glides or chrome finish fixtures for a luxurious feel. You can even select sconces, pendant lights, or even LED strips to elevate the room. 


Deck The Walls with Wallpaper

A bathroom is one of the areas in the house that needs personality and functionality. Adding wallpaper on your shower wall or the entire bathroom wall, for that matter, will give the walls a fun look. You can choose from a variety of colors, styles, and patterns. 

You can even opt for peel and stick tiles that are quite the rage at the moment in the DIY world. Also, make sure that any wallpaper you use is waterproof. 


Update The Shower  

shower remodel

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Before any major renovations, consider the outrageous expenses that come with custom showers. When someone walks in, the shower is one of the first things that will grab their attention. So, why not get a pre-fabricated shower that you can fully DIY. 

They’re affordable, customizable, and easy to install. Complete the look by adding complementary shower curtains, bath towels, or maybe a glass panel. 

Although less conspicuous than the vanity, your new shower will complement your bathroom’s unique theme. This is precisely the idea behind our list of affordable bathroom updates; you want your bathroom to feel more cozy, aesthetic, and all within the budget. 


Spruce Up The Small Details

small affordable bathroom updates

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Undoubtedly, special and unique features are what will truly make your bathroom stand out from the ordinary. If you have all your big-ticket items off the checklist, pay significant attention to these details for a glamorous touch. 

Every bathroom needs a mirror. It doesn’t have to be large, but it should look fantastic. And if that is your goal, try using mosaic tiles for your bathroom mirror or try a rustic farmhouse mirror. You will undoubtedly be in awe of the final result. 

On the contrary, if you’re inclined towards modern, contemporary bathroom vibes, you can add some character to the space by installing bold, distinct shower curtains or even an accent wall. Let your creativity be in charge here. 


Complementing Fixtures 

bathroom fixtures

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Want to give your bathroom a touch of a professional designer? All you need to do is replace old plumbing fixtures with the latest matching ones to give your bathroom fantastic coordinating accents. 

Consider replacing your existing hardware, such as drawers knobs, cabinet handles, doorknobs, towel bars, showerheads, faucets, etc. They are easy to replace and can add new functions your previous fixtures may not have had. If you want to bring some luxury to your space, installing a new over-the-head shower is a great option. 

Towel bars are easy to install and affordable and can accent the new fixtures’ finish in your bathroom. Also, you can coordinate your dresser hardware and other fixtures to match a high-end design. Regardless of the style you choose, these won’t cost you more than $20 – $50/- each. 

Overall, these affordable bathroom updates are a boon for anyone on a strict budget. By incorporating these timeless additions, you’ll be able to give your bathroom a much-needed face-lift. 

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