Isn’t it appealing to have an all-new, remodeled shower? You can probably visualize those beautifully clean walls and pristine shower pan already. You can turn this vision into a reality by using some useful shower remodel ideas. All it requires is a little investment and effort on your part.

We understand the pain and frustration of having a broken or malfunctioning shower. Fortunately, you can rectify it by following the steps mentioned in this guide. Let us take a look at some of the most useful shower remodel ideas.


Combine Your Shower with a Tub

shower and tub in a bathroom

There is potential for a lot of confusion when your shower and tub are there in the same room. For example, the smooth acrylic surround for your bathtub can interfere with the tile surround for your shower. You can avoid this by choosing matching materials when you remodel your shower.


Try to Do At Least Some DIY

It can cost a lot to remodel your shower the way you want. One of the best ideas to conserve money is by demolishing the area yourself while remodeling. In fact, you can do this DIY step even after you have hired a full-time contractor to remodel your shower.

Contractors tend to expect homeowners to carry out the pre-construction work by themselves. You just need to have a conversation with the contractor beforehand regarding this. That will help you to prepare the area according to the proposed project plan.


Design Niches to Gain Additional Storage Space

Needless to say, you need spacious shelving in your shower to store all those shampoos, soaps, scrubbers, and the like. You can simply put up shelves by plastering them onto walls using silicone caulk in the case of existing showers. 

When you are remodeling your shower, it is a better idea to craft niches in the walls. This will give you enough room for storage and keeping everything neat.


Upgrade Your Tiles Whenever Possible

tiles in a shower

Changing the tiles in your shower is among the best ideas when you remodel it. You can customize the shower enclosure to include features like bathing chairs and proper lighting. It can truly give a whole new look of class to your shower. You might be wondering whether it is advisable to do the tile work in your shower yourself.

In the case of showers, even a tiny seam or crack can expose the underlying structures to water. In turn, that leads to severe long-term damage. Thus, you should take professional help if you are not experienced enough. However, backsplash, walls, and floor tiles are comparatively more resistant to water.


Make Your Shower Waterproof

You can use a waterproofing membrane to avoid water from reaching the subflooring in your shower. That is one of the major ideas you need to consider when you remodel your shower. The cement board, although immune to water itself, can allow water to percolate to the subfloor.

With this simple approach, you can add an essential protective layer above the board. You can apply material Schluter Kerdi for this purpose, with non-modified thin-set mortar.


Should You Include a Tub?

Contemporary owners, when they remodel their shower, choose to do away with the tub altogether. However, there are also other ways to work around these ideas. For example, you can replace your present tub with a superior model like a Kohler Bellwether cast-iron white enameled tub. You can also include a ceramic regulator from Kohler’s Antique line for a more retro look.

Of course, the decision of whether to include a tub or not depends mostly on your requirements. That includes your budget and other considerations as well. For example, children find it easier to bathe in tubs rather than in showers.

On the other hand, disabled or older people can find it challenging to step into a tub. On the other hand, they can use showers with relative ease. Consider these facts carefully and then proceed to make an informed decision.


Try to Have as Much Natural Light as Possible

natural light in a shower remodel ideas

Without properly implemented remodel ideas, your shower can turn into a forbidding, dark place. One such factor is the lighting.

Waterproof bath-rated light fixtures are in use for this very purpose. However, even they cannot replace the ideal source of illumination – natural light. An ideal way of doing this is to combine frameless glass walls with a corner shower unit.

Showers that utilize this design use thick tempered glass attached using metal clips for walls. You do not require wooden framing of any sort. Instead of investing in the entire enclosure, you can simply purchase a lone frameless shower door if needed. That said, frameless shower units tend to cost a lot more than regular framed showers.


Give Finishing Touches to Your Shower

Adding a corner shower is one of the best shower remodel ideas you can implement when you have limited space at your disposal. When that space is even more abysmal, you need to choose different options.

For example, you can include a quarter-round corner shower along with a sliding door. Rounded corner shower enclosures possess a very special feature of their very own. They have doors that can slide on specially crafted tracks instead of swinging outside as usual.

A design like this can save you from possible space design problems. You will be saved the hassle of dealing with door obstructions. The door is made of acrylic, and thus it is virtually unbreakable.

It will also help if you try to add bathroom exhaust fans to keep moisture at bay. It is advisable to improve air circulation by raising the ceiling. That will expose the area to natural air and light. It will also prevent the growth of molds and other fungi in your shower.


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