Innovation and creativity know no limits. If you ever felt that your small bathroom could never get a successful makeover, think again! Yes, conjuring small bathroom remodel ideas can be challenging for sure, considering the limited natural light, absence of square footage, and a large number of fixtures to adjust in a tiny space. 

However, if you do remodel it successfully, your bathroom will truly feel bigger than ever. You can do it by merely following these simple tips, rather than spending unnecessarily.

Apart from utilizing the available space efficiently, you can ever think out of the box. Here’s a chance to prove that there’s a place for bold design elements, even in little rooms! You can effectively convert a dingy, tiny bathroom into a reservoir of excitement!


Try to Go with Light Colors

white small bathroom remodel

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Consider going with a wooden floor and vanity for a demure and tranquil look. Light colors will reflect natural light entering the bathroom and enhance its beauty. Likewise, if you leave a little space around your bathtub, your bathroom will feel more spacious. Curtains made of lightweight fabric will allow a healthy amount of sunlight to enter the bathroom.

Some people choose to go with a dark color for remodeling their bathroom. Admittedly, it can provide some depth and make the place look larger. If this is your choice, try to select high gloss in a heavily dark color. The hue will produce a spectacular “night sky” effect and make your bathroom even more attractive.


Get a Little Creative with Mirrors and Doors

Yep, we’re talking about the same mirror you groom yourself in every day. Instead of just putting one up over the washbasin, consider this. How about fitting mirrors into an entire wall of your bathroom? The reflected light and pattern seem to be mirroring ours quite closely. You can also try backlighting the mirror for a minimalistic feel.

While we are at it, consider building a glass shower door. You will be able to open up more space this way. Try to avoid including the curtains in there, and see the effect. If you are willing to experiment a bit, consider doing away with the shower door altogether. However, in that case, make sure your drain is working correctly.


Acknowledge the Vital Role of Tiles

When you remodel your bathroom, the way you arrange tiles in, there is of great importance. You can choose the same tiles for the floor and walls, or go for different ones. It can create a positive impact and provide adequate protection to your walls and floor simultaneously. For smaller bathroom walls, you can consider going with ceramic tiles.


Consider a Large Scale Wall Covering

You can give your bathroom a more modern look with this effective technique. Medium and large wallpapers and tiles can make your bathroom appear much larger than usual. Alternatively, you can go with high gloss paint to reflect light and enhance space.


Add a Shelf and Niche to Your Shower

shower niche in small bathroom

Your bathroom can feel overwhelming and cluttered if it lacks adequate storage facilities. After all, all those bottles, soap cases, and other accessories lying about is not a pretty sight. Therefore, we recommend adding shelving for storing your bottles and soaps. It is inexpensive, and you can install it in under half an hour. 

Similarly, installing a shower niche can help you conserve a lot of space in your bathroom. You can even build a ledge running across the entire bathroom layout. It will help you store your toothpaste, mirror, and other objects conveniently.


Keep Updating your Bathroom Accessories

Your bathroom accessories tell a lot about you and your habits. Therefore, make sure not to ignore them when remodeling the place. Go for classic rugs, designed towels, and attractive lighting to liven up your bathroom. 

You can even go for a little corner sink instead of the usual one. It will help you conserve space in the bathroom. Compact toilets and sinks aid in this as well. You can save more space by using a wall-mounted faucet. It is handy and does the job effectively.


Make Good Use of Closed Storage

cabinetry storage

Photo by House Method on Unsplash

It is revolting to see toothpaste tubes and empty bottles strewed across countertops in a bathroom. Keeping your stuff in closed bathroom storage like a vanity with multiple drawers can work wonders. Pay good attention to your cabinets and allot specific places for storing toiletries and tools in them.

You can conveniently store brushes, hairdryers, and flat irons in large baskets. Similarly, cosmetic products sit comfortably in smaller trays. It will suffice if you keep cleaning it up even once a week.

Considering how a bathroom is already a cramped place, get innovative with every vacant spot you see. For example, the area under your sink can be used to store up to four properly rolled-up towels. Speaking of towels, you may even consider putting up a ladder for hanging them! You can also use a bathtub caddy for storing items in the shower.

Try checking out and installing a pocket door in your bathroom. A pocket door is a little door that leads straight to a bit of niche inside the wall. Further, you can use that space for even more efficient storage.


Deal Aptly with Toiletry Bottles

toiletries and bathroom accessories

Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels

Do not leave any unwanted bottles lying around unnecessarily. Discard the ones you don’t need. After that, put the others in a drawer or closet with proper labeling. You can even check out custom toiletry bottles, which come in various attractive colors and features.


Try Installing a Skylight

Of course, this is a pretty uncommon scenario. However, is there not a first time for everything? By installing a skylight, you can practically open up your entire bathroom. It will brighten up the place and enhance the appeal of your bathroom significantly due to the natural light.

You have limited space when you’re working with a small bathroom remodel; however, you can transform your bathroom entirely with the right planning.

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