It doesn’t matter how big or small your bathroom is, you could still find that storage becomes a significant issue. If you are remodeling your bathroom, there are many different items that you might want to add but can’t due to the lack of space. For instance, you may wish to include accessories, towels, or cleaning products, but you can’t. To help you out, here’s our guide to various bathroom storage solutions and hacks for every person who wants to make the most of their bathroom space.


Bathroom Storage Solutions


Tall Cabinets 


tall wooden cabinets in a bathroom


Get tall narrow cabinets that can fit into tight spaces. When you have limited space in your bathroom, having larger cabinets is not an option. However, you can purchase mini shelving units that fit nicely under the sink or next to the bath, and you can use them for all sorts of storage. 


Storage Ladder


bathroom storage solutions ladder


If floor space is limited, it is essential to turn to your walls to benefit from a practical solution. Adding a storage ladder is an excellent idea as it will not protrude too much and won’t take up your floor space. One can fix it to the wall, over the toilet, and use it for baskets filled with accessories, towels, and various other items. 




Install shelves above your toilet. These shelves won’t take up your floor space and enable you to safely place items such as air fresheners, toilet rolls, and other products you need within easy reach. You can also consider installing additional shelving above the first one to keep your bathroom organized. Another thing you might want to consider is adding wooden or clear shelves for that much-needed aesthetic. 


Wicker Baskets


If you’ve struggled to find somewhere to keep those towels, you can solve this problem quickly. Merely installing a few small wicker baskets will do the trick. You can easily attach them to the wall. You can then keep your towels rolled up and stored neatly in a more organized way. 


Floating Shelves


bathroom floating vanity


Floating shelves or vanities are a great way to not only provide elegance and style to your smaller bath space but also make full use of your walls for storage. You can use these shelves for storage baskets, makeup, grooming products, etc. You can then avoid cluttering your small bathroom sills and surfaces with items that are strewn everywhere. 

Floating shelves are also a good way to introduce a contemporary style in your bathroom design.


Wooden Shelving Units


Narrow Wooden Shelving Units are available in many different sizes, and they provide a great storage solution that also enables you to keep everything properly organized. Invest in a few of these units as you can place the smaller ones on top of the larger ones to create a taller unit rather than more comprehensive. 




Trolleys on casters are incredibly versatile, and you can use them for all sorts of items. If you get one on casters, you can even wheel it in and out of your small bathroom as and when required. You can find them available in different widths and heights. Similarly, these are ideal for storing bathroom accessories as well as giving your bathroom a spa-like feel. 


Under Sink Shelf Bathroom Storage Solutions


You may not have a lot of floor space in your bathroom, but investing in an under sink shelf could provide an excellent way to create more storage. Not only will this make the sink area look more stylish and attractive, but it also provides you with additional storage space to stash away all sorts of bathroom products and cleaning supplies.

You can also add in fitted shelving under a corner sink to create more space in your existing bathroom layout


Wall Racks 


Well, you might already have a medicine cabinet in your small bathroom, there is nothing to stop you from fixing additional wall racks if you have the wall space available. You can look at adding small wire racks along the walls or even above the toilet, then safely using them to store items or keep plants. 




bathroom wall storage solutions


Another way you can use that tiny wall space to save using floor space is to use clasps for various purposes like affixing glass jars. You suspend jars from the walls, and you can store all sorts of small accessories in them. This could include hair accessories, cotton wool, makeup, towels and more. 


Pullout Cabinets

Among creative bathroom storage solutions, the right idea is to invest in pullout storage solutions, which you can then use to store everything from supplies to utility tools to towels. You can pull out the shelving when needed then slide it back into place so that it won’t take up valuable space. 


Clear Storage Boxes


One thing to store away items such as grooming or makeup products is to install clear storage boxes, which you can then place under the sink. They are readily available at Target or The Home Depot. 


Bathroom Mirror Pullout


Equally, you can opt for a bathroom mirror pull out, which provides you with small shelves to store small items such as small toiletry bottles or hair accessories. This mini-shelving unit can be pulled out from behind the mirror and slotted neatly back in place. 


Wall Brackets


If you want to use the walls to help you avoid using up valuable and limited floor space, invest in some wall brackets. You then affix small wicker baskets on their sides to the wall brackets and use them to store items. By leaving space between each bracket set, you can also place some things on top of each bracket. 


Spice Racks


Many people have spice racks in their kitchen, but there is no one to say you cannot use them as your bathroom storage solutions. They’re affordable, simple to install, won’t take up that much space, and can store all your shampoos and other grooming products. 


Suction Hooks 


There are some great suction hooks for bathroom tiles these days for those of you who don’t want to go to the trouble of drilling. You can use your wall space effectively and use it as an intelligent bathroom storage solution. Some of the items available include toothbrush and toothpaste holders, soap holders, towel hooks, etc. You can also suspend bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and other products from these hooks using bands or cable ties.

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