It is no surprise that out of all the rooms in your home, the bathroom is perhaps the one that’s used the most. This is probably why it is also more likely to be remodeled sooner than other rooms in your home. Are you searching for bathroom remodel near me on the internet these days? To get an insight into what could be the best way to go about it, we bring you a detailed bathroom remodel guide!

That being said, geting a bathroom remodeling done is not a cakewalk. You have to think about your plumbing, design, layout, and many such complex elements before you finalize your remodeling plan. However, that’s easier said than done.

In order to make this remodeling process easier for you, we’ve curated a bathroom remodel guide. Whether you are just thinking about remodeling your bathroom or you’ve already made up your mind, this bathroom remodel guide will help you understand the process better.


How to Plan a Bathroom Remodel

Once you’ve researched and found a suitable bathroom remodeling near you and plan to go ahead with it, it’s time to check the important points. Before you begin knocking down walls and dreaming about the perfect bathroom, you need to have a plan in place. There are so many elements that go into remodeling a bathroom that without a proper plan it’s practically impossible to execute it.

Let’s have a look at some steps that you need to follow during the course of your bathroom remodel.


1. Ask Some Questions

The main purpose of a bathroom remodel is to make the bathroom more functional. In order to do so, you need to ask yourself some questions. For instance,


  • How many people will be using the bathroom at any given time?
  • Do you think there are any positives in your current bathroom that you wouldn’t want to replace?
  • Is there a set budget for this bathroom remodel?
  • What do you not like about your bathroom?
  • Do you want guests to use this bathroom or just your family?


Why should you ask yourself these questions? Simple. They help you determine the scope of the remodeling project. For example, if your current bathroom is too small for 2 people to use at the same time, you want to ensure that once it is remodeled there is ample space.

Questions like these help you plan the layout, design, and functionality for your remodeled bathroom and are the first step of the entire process.



2. Hire a Contractor

Let’s face it, you aren’t going to tackle the entire bathroom remodel on your own. You need to bring in a professional contractor to execute the assignment. And you start by searching for bathroom remodelers near me online.

But how will you choose a contractor? Firstly, you will have to hire a licensed contractor for the bathroom remodel. Sounds obvious? Apparently not. Roughly 30% of homeowners work with an unlicensed contractor.

Investing in a bathroom remodel is a big decision and you need a professional to execute it. For this reason, we recommend that you work with a licensed contractor. To help assess the quality and reliability of a contractor, you can ask them some important questions:


  • How long have they been working in the remodeling industry?
  • Are there similar projects that have they completed in the past 6 months?
  • Have they worked on a project of similar scope?
  • How long will the remodeling process take?
  • Do they provide a warranty?


The goal behind asking these questions is to assess the reliability and availability of contractors. Once you’ve decided on the contractor, you have to get the terms in writing.


Cost of a Bathroom Remodel

Before you move ahead, you need to understand what determines the cost of a bathroom remodel. There are many caveats that determine the overall cost and therefore the budget of your bathroom remodel (more on that later).

Let’s start with the basics. The average cost of a bathroom remodeling project is $20,000. However, there is more to it than what meets the eye.

Before you decide on a ballpark figure, you have to take certain things into consideration. These include factors like the scope of the remodel, bathroom’s size, and other important components.


1. Master Bathroom Remodel

The average cost of remodeling a master bath is roughly around $10,000 to $25,000. If you take the scope of the remodeling project into consideration, a larger and more upscale project can cost upwards of $40,000.


2. Guest Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to remodeling your guest bathroom or powder room, you don’t have to worry about spending too much money (unless you want to). They won’t cost a ton as they are much smaller in size.

The average cost to remodel a guest bathroom is $5,000 to $10,000.


3. Minor Bathroom Remodel

You don’t always want to gut your bathroom to its bare bones. More often than not, you only want to make small but significant changes. For instance, you may want to install a new sink or change the lighting fixtures. Based on your project, a minor bathroom remodel costs around $1,000 to $3,500.




How to Budget for a Bathroom Remodel

There’s a difference between the cost of a bathroom remodel and the budget for a bathroom remodel. Understanding the cost of the project is a part of setting the budget for it. In order to do so, you need to take some factors into consideration.


1.    Set Realistic Goals

As a homeowner, you want the best of the best. However, it’s not always possible. In order to have a successful bathroom remodel, you need to start by having realistic goals.

To begin with, you need to address any structural issues before you move ahead with design choices. If your budget forces you to prioritize you have to choose major structural work over any superficial elements.

Thus, a big aspect of setting a budget for your bathroom remodel is to prioritize what needs to be done and include that in your budget accordingly.


2.    Expect the Unexpected

As any homeowner who’s tackled a bathroom remodeling project will tell you, it is a complex process. There are many moving parts involved that you may not even be aware of.

Right from mold and mildew to hidden plumbing and electrical work. You have to be ready to expect the unexpected. How? By making a contingency fund.

Experts recommend that you set at least 15 to 20 percent of your total budget as an ‘emergency fund.’ This fund allows you to pay for any unexpected expenses that may come up during the remodeling process.

Trust us when we say this. You do not want to run around looking for money while your bathroom is stripped to its bare bones and facing a problem that needs to be addressed as soon as possible.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas


1.    Select a Theme

An important part of a bathroom remodel is choosing the design theme. Every person and homeowner has their own taste and style. This style is often reflected in the design of their bathroom.

Design themes like modern, minimal, traditional, etc are often used for bathrooms. These themes perfectly balance design and functionality while influencing various elements like the bathroom cabinets, layout, and fixtures.



2.    Take Storage Into Consideration

It is understandable that you don’t take storage as a priority when it comes to remodeling your bathroom. However, you should be.

Storage plays an important role in any room and its importance is only heightened in a space like your bathroom. The limited space available to you in a bathroom means that you have to make the right storage decisions.

You can choose from options like a recessed shower cubby or full-blown recessed cabinetry if you are short on space. Similarly, the vanity you choose also contributes to the storage capacity of your bathroom.


3.    Design for the Future

Most homeowners remodel their bathroom once or twice, and rightfully so. Not only is it expensive but it also takes a lot of effort and time to do so. Considering this, you want to make sure that the bathroom ages with you.

While remodeling your bathroom, you have to think about its usability five years down the line. Not only will it help you make the right decisions in terms of accessibility but also from a design perspective.


In Conclusion

This bathroom remodel guide connects to many resources that can help you understand the process of a bathroom remodel even better. For many homeowners, it might seem like an overwhelming amount of information — so take it one step at a time. Don’t forget to enjoy the process too!

However, once you understand the nitty-gritty of the process, you will be well-equipped with the required information as you proceed with remodeling the bathroom of your dreams.

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