Confused about how to navigate the complicated world of bathroom remodel costs? A bathroom remodel can be overwhelming — planning mishaps and expensive. Our budget-savvy steps will help you understand the different aspects of bathroom remodel costs. Be it planning, negotiating, and finally help to get you the bathroom of your dreams. 


Bathroom Remodel Costs


Plan the Bathroom Remodel Right


Bathroom With Blue Tiles, Vanity and Tub


This phase has the utmost importance when it comes to bathroom remodeling. Determine, prioritize, and list every single thing you’ll need. Be it fixtures, professional help, plumbing equipment, paints, everything.

In the United States, an average bathroom remodel costs anywhere between $5,000 — $40,000 and more.

Let’s not worry just yet, and there are abundant ways to lower your costs and construct an ideal bathroom. Make a checklist of everything based on your ‘needs,’ not ‘wants.’

For instance, do you need a fancy, top of the market bathtub? Is having two sinks a luxury you could live without? The average cost of fixtures like sinks and tubs are around $200 – $1,800. This will give you a glimpse of where you stand in the remodeling process. It will also allow you to form a suitable budget and create a basic layout for bathroom design.


Order What You Need


With the number of options available in the market, ordering remodeling items can prove to be hectic. Hiring a professional contractor has its own perks. When ordering materials, check with your contractor for discounts from wholesale stores in your area. 

Contractors have a few tricks up their sleeves, and in this case, ‘few connections’ to find you, your desired styles. They’re well-acquainted in this department and can help you order custom-cut, specific materials for your remodel for way cheap. They would help you order, right items at the right price.

If not, you should try calling and visiting your local home improvement stores for the best prices. Order everything from faucets, doorknobs, tiles, and more. Fixtures like lights can cost anywhere between $100 – $400.

Similarly, just because you’re strict on a budget doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the right bathroom tiles. The bathroom doesn’t have to have expensive marble tiles; stick to cost-effective subway tiles and add a few statement tiles. Of course, mindfully. This style will enhance your remodel’s the overall look and feel without denting a hole in your budget. 

Finalize the prices, lock down the amount, and double-check each item that’s required. Ensure you have everything you need to avoid last-minute delays and mishaps. At the same time, make sure that you get everything in writing. This process can help your budget in spades. Save some dollars and make room for a few feature pieces to elevate your bathroom remodel later on.


Time to Remodel Your Bathroom


DIY or go pro? Which way to go when it comes to the execution? In this phase, the bathroom remodeling cost will solely depend on which option you choose for your remodel.

In our opinion, choose both. These options are well worth the investment. Remember, the average cost of a contractor in the United States is $1,500 — $8,000 based on the size of the bathroom, the amount of labor, etc. Put those negotiation skills in action and split some tasks with your contractor to lower the costs.

For instance, a typical professional contractor will help you with more than 3/4th of the remodel, including demolition, installation, plumbing, and mucky groundwork. Trust us, and you’ll be saving yourself from some nasty surprises.

For the rest of the stuff, DIY it! You don’t have to be an expert to get that demo going. A simple YouTube search would also help you paint and decorate your dream bathroom just how you like, on your own. Let your imagination and years of watching House Hunters take over this bit.


Installation and Design Planning 


Modern Bathroom With Wooden Vanity


Is your bathroom going to be inspired by modern bathrooms or a more retro aesthetic? Compile those Pinterest Boards and set a good design for that much-needed inspiration. It’s not all about discarding the old and adding the new; shop smart and keep the layout changes to a minimum to lower the costs. Why? changes in the layout can set you back big time; instead, keep those intact. The main reason behind this is that you have to gut everything and replace the extensive piping. 

Labor charges form a huge chunk, upto $80-$100 an hour, and changing your bathroom layout takes a lot of time and effort. Instead, splurge on cabinets, countertops, vanities and add value to your existing layout. 

Open-shelves are a growing trend these days. Show off those Instagram-worthy toiletries instead of wasting that precious wall space. 

Be it open shelves, repurposed bar cart, or three-tier wooden shelves, it is time to bust out that DIY-er in you and add style to your bathroom while sticking to your budget


Research and Prioritize Your Bathroom Remodel


How important is that whirlpool bathtub? A bathtub doesn’t have to be in the master bathroom as long as it’s accessible to the guests and owners. It is considered a luxury add-on but a must-have to boost the resale value of your home. Consider the perfect size and quality that matches your bathroom as well as your budget. 

Research is key to finding the right pieces to suit your budget. For instance, you can visit the flea market, multiple home centers, and eBay to find exclusive offers on items like vintage mirrors, artwork, vanities, and more. Spend less on luxury tiles; add a few pieces to elevate the space without busting your budget.


Finishing Touches on Your Bathroom Remodel 


Planning and executing your dream bathroom remodel will only get you so far. Add a 10% overage on your final budget to ensure you don’t get any last-minute surprises and you can easily avoid a common bathroom remodeling mistake: not planning for emergencies.

Let’s finish off with some final touches. Add in that luxe bathtub, beautiful vanity, and a knock off vintage mirror. Accessorize your bathroom with monogrammed towels, your ever-growing bath bomb collection, and your skincare splurges. Hang up your favorite quote or picture frame to bring some warmth and style to your bathroom space. 


Understanding Bathroom Remodel Costs

An average bathroom remodel costs around $20,000. The benefits of remodeling your bathroom also include a long soothing bath and a hike of upto 15% – 30% in the resale value. It’s a win-win. Hence, while understanding bathroom remodel costs it’s imperative that you understand the benefits that you get from your new dream bathroom!

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