Bathrooms are one of those spaces that never seem to have enough storage. Between morning makeup routine and night shower, your bathroom serves several functions in a limited space. While bathroom remodeling is a serious investment, people tend to make some common bathroom storage mistakes that are hard to overcome.

Furthermore, it is straightforward to fall prey to bathroom remodeling mistakes unless you are conscious of all of the decisions. Nevertheless, even a tiny bathroom with limited space has the potential to store things effectively.

Thus, it would be in your best interest to utilize all the possible space available in your bathroom. Being a little practical, a bathroom needs to clean and hygienic, which cannot happen without proper storage. Besides, the less clutter there is, the less disordered you will feel, and faster dressing will be.

If you are looking forward to remodeling your bathroom, we have listed some bathroom storage mistakes you need to avoid. Further, avoiding these mistakes will boost your space, help you keep everything organized, and you will never fall short of space.

Ignoring Overhead Bathroom Storage


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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Using overhead storage solutions in bathrooms is not a new thing, but the utility they offer cannot, however, be left unseen or unnoticed. Overhead bathroom storage is the best way to store all extra bath products like towels. However, you need to use waterproof materials since you would primarily use them in the bathroom. 

Nevertheless, an overhead storage unit becomes ideal when you want to get more bathroom storage. Also, there are a lot of options available to beautify such overhead storage options. 

An overhead storage box can be stretched from one end of the wall to another, making it more beneficial for small bathrooms. Depending on your preference, an overhead storage solution would not look like an imposing box and store your everyday essentials. 

Keep in mind; overhead storage should be positioned ideally. An overhead soap tray or an overhead bath supplies holder shelf would just make your bath difficult, wherein an overhead towel holder would turn out to be actually helpful. You can also add a corner shelf along with overhead storage that will add functionality and beauty together. 


Improper Use of Storage Products

The inadequate use of storage products deserves special attention while discussing bathroom storage mistakes. For instance, many people have shelves installed in their bathrooms, but they don’t use them to store necessary items. Alternately, those shelves get crammed with useless or decorative items over time.

In order to solve this, you can hide the useful but the less attractive items in hidden storage or your vanity while leaving the more beautiful or aesthetic things out for display. 

For instance, you can put cotton swabs in a glass container. Also, consider getting a small organizer that has drawers in order to store more items handly. By using the right storage products, you can keep your drawers and cabinets organized and clean.

Besides, you can group similar items together using trays in drawers. Alternately, you can separate every family member’s toiletries using dividers. Nevertheless, it would be best to assign a dedicated box for storing various other items. 


Not Maximizing Your Bathroom Vanity


bathroom vanity storage


Neglecting or improperly using the bathroom vanity can be one of the biggest bathroom storage mistakes. Getting into the bathroom, taking a shower, and then realizing that you do not have a clean towel inside is probably a situation many of us would have faced. Similar concerns regarding toilet paper are also reasonably common.

With proper use of bathroom vanity, such problems would never happen. Using your Bathroom vanity to store an extra set of towel(s), a spare bottle of shampoo, maybe a soap or two, and such essentials, you become much closer to use the space inside your bathroom optimally.

However, when choosing the bathroom vanity, you should build it using waterproof material. Also, remember to keep it away from the shower area. Again, you can go for a wall-hung vanity unit that will help you free up floor space and ease up cleaning.


Mismanagement of Bathroom Walls and Storage


bathroom storage ideas

Your bathroom wall is an ideal space for storing a lot of valuable items. However, homeowners don’t utilize it properly, resulting in a typical bathroom storage mistake.

You should come up with an innovative approach to remodel your wall space for adequate storage. For instance, you should go for wall storage to hold your toothpaste and brushes. Also, install a concealed medicine cabinet for storing your everyday skincare items.

Consequently, you will be surprised to see how much clutter you can control on your bathroom countertop, making your bathroom cleaner than ever. Either way, you can also consider floating shelves in dead wall space and put up soaps and towels in the wall storage in an attractive manner. 

In addition to visual appeal, built-in shelves always have the advantage over bulky cupboards and cabinets because they don’t take up any floor space.


Ignoring Bathroom Storage

A lot of people tend to store unnecessary products in their bathrooms for absolutely no reason. However, there is no setlist to decide what you may need and what not, choosing what to keep in your bathroom matters a lot. 

You don’t need to store a dozen bath towels or a carton of toilet paper rolls in your bathroom vanity. You should store extra items somewhere else until you need them—for instance, store towels in your cupboard and toilet papers in the storeroom while making some easy DIY bathroom storage solutions.


Minimized Vanity Space Utilization


floating vanity bathroom storage mistakes

Photo by Jean van der Meulen from Pexels

Recently, trends of making your bathroom sink float have kicked in. It surely does add to the beauty, but the amount of space it takes away weighs that benefit down. Additionally, maintaining and cleaning that floating sink and the lights under it will make you regret the change sooner or later.

However, an intelligent way to achieve the same airy and floating look is to choose a floating vanity instead of just a floating sink. This way, you can achieve a light, floating, aesthetic look while maximizing your bathroom storage.


Disregarding Mirrors With Storage

To ignore the benefits of a bathroom mirror is a classic bathroom storage mistake that most of us tend to make while remodeling our bathrooms. While the traditional projected mirror cabinets might not be popularly appealing, options offered by mirror-related storage ideas are multiple.

Recessed bathroom mirrors and related storage options, be it with a sliding mirror door or a recessed cabinet behind a bathroom mirror, the space addition they provide are excellent. At the same time, they take up the least space possible.

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