Understanding the cost of bathroom remodeling in Chantilly is an important aspect of the bathroom remodeling process.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the average amount spent for a bathroom remodel in Chantilly was $11,346. While a remodel is crucial for some substantial changes, it can typically set a homeowner back $10,000.

A high-end bathroom remodeling service in Chantilly costs about $28,000. Keeping in mind that the cost of a bathroom remodel depends majorly on the scope of the job and is different for each remodeler. 

Let’s look at the cost breakdown of bathroom remodeling in Chantilly and consider the factors affecting these costs. 

  • Cabinets and Hardware: 16% ($2850) 
  • Fixtures: 15% (2650) 
  • Faucets and Fixtures: 14% ($2483) 
  • Countertops: 7% ($1218) 
  • Floors: 9% ($1596) 
  • Door and Windows: 4% ($709) 
  • Walls and Ceiling: 5% ($886) 
  • Lighting and Ventilation: 5% ($886) 
  • Labor: 20% ($3596)
  • Design fees: 4% (709)
  • Other: 1% ($177) 


How to Plan A Bathroom Remodel


plan bathroom remodel in Chantilly

Determine The Goal

When you plan a bathroom remodel in Chantilly, set your vision on accessibility and functionality, not just the resale value of your home. The average mid-size bathroom recoups 64% of its cost down-the-line in home value, according to Home Advisor. 

Following that, you can decide whether you want a minimal refresh or a complete gut renovation to achieve your desired result. Resurfacing cabinets, installing new tiles, painting the walls, and adding a beautiful light fixture will freshen up space without denting your wallet. 

However, if your space is super outdated or laid out poorly, a complete remodel — replacing everything from the shower to the flooring — is the only way to go. 


Prepare The Budget

There will be two significant lists while preparing your budget – the wish list and a must-have list. First, understand the non-negotiable aspects. Once your list is complete, get quotes of installation costs from various potential bathroom remodeling companies near you.

By doing this, you’ll have an idea of what your bathroom remodel project will cost. Also, if there’s still room in your budget, add items from your wishlist to round up the costs. 


Begin Your Research

Once you have a rough estimate, it’s time to do some homework. Research to find top-of-the-line professionals and materials that fit your budget. Go online and look for the best bathroom remodelers near me in Chantilly.

For instance, you can start by reading some articles, gaining inspiration from various sources, and talking to loved ones and locals nearby in Chantilly. You can interview a few contractors to see their style of work and portfolio. You can ask them about similar jobs, their references and so on to get an idea about their work.

It may seem like a lot, but any research done before will only help you during the process.


Few Tips To Enhance Your Bathroom Remodel


save cost bathroom remodeling Chantilly


Remember, you can’t fit everything in your must-have list. You must prioritize certain aspects that will result in a better, more practical, and usable space. 

Don’t treat a remodel like an all-or-nothing project, but a work in progress. If you miss out on gorgeous cabinets, you can still make up for them with some visually stunning hardware. Besides, if the budget permits or as money becomes available, you can revisit the items you let go of to complete your design. 

Similarly, you can save up precious time and money by purchasing the materials yourself. It is cost-effective as now you only have to hire someone to install it the right way. 

Lastly, a little DIY can go a long way. You don’t have to be a pro; you can simply watch a few videos and follow instructions carefully. For example, try to assemble the bookshelf, install some open shelves, paint the walls, and remove old fixtures. Doing these simple tasks can save you a good $1000 from your bathroom remodeling budget. 


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