Remodeling is an exciting project to transform your home into something more beautiful than before. It is also a stressful and expensive experience if you do not take the time at the start of a remodel to plan out execution. This is especially true when it comes to bathroom remodel projects. Many people who want to remodel their bathroom don’t fully understand the intricacies required for the project, which is why it takes more research and planning than other room remodels. Besides choosing tubs, showers, toilets, and sinks that fit well in the limited amount of space, you also have to think about the logistics of adding or reducing plumbing and lighting. Before you jump into your bathroom remodel, try these planning strategies to stay on schedule and budget.

Don’t Leave Out Anything

The bathroom is a small space in the house but also one of the most commonly used rooms. Before making decisions, you have to think about how you use the bathroom and what is important to you in the space to start your planning. If you only use the bathroom to brush your teeth and hair and quickly shower, you will have different needs than if you used the space for longer periods of relaxation. Consider the the type of bathroom you are remodeling and what you are looking for by asking yourself these questions:

  • How old are you? This will help dictate what details you need to include.
  • Do you plan on staying in this home into older age? You will need to incorporate accessibility measures if so.
  • Does more than one person (ie: children) use the bathtub at the same time? A bigger bathtub will be required.
  • How many people use the bathroom at the same time? If it is multiple, then you probably want a private toilet with good ventilation.

After you figure out how you use the space, you next need to think about the type of bathroom it is and what is absolutely necessary to install. Master baths will require more details and convenience items since it is the main hub bathroom. This should be a haven where design details are important. On the other hand, a secondary full bath or three-quarter bath will not need to be as detailed since it will be more about function than anything else. A half bath is considered a guest bathroom and should be full of design details since visitors will be using this space the most.

Research Ideas

Now that you have an outline of how you will use the space and the must-have elements for each type of bathroom you will be remodeling, it is time to research the exact items you want to include. To accomplish this, you want to start off on more of a grandiose scale and then work your way down. This way you can fit as many dream items into your bathroom remodel as you can and have a shortlist of easier upgrade pieces to install in the future, allowing you to stay within budget. Remember to not immediately jump to the most beautiful pieces first; instead look at the function of each piece you plan to include and if it will work with your lifestyle and the space allotted in the bathroom. Then you can fall in love with design details.

Ask for Help

This can be a difficult stage to decide what should be included in your bathroom remodel and what shouldn’t. It is a good idea to reach out to professionals, especially those who will be assisting you with the complicated installation tasks, for help and advice during the planning phase. They have seen it all and will know which arrangement and pieces will work best with your lifestyle and which you should kick to the curb.

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