All homeowners know that a kitchen remodel is a smart bet to increase their home’s value and spice things up. And the moment you decide to opt for a kitchen remodel, your mind goes straight to different elements that need changing. Since kitchen cabinets take a huge chunk from the budget — it’s only natural to wonder which ones you should pick. After all, picking popular kitchen cabinet designs is just another way to safeguard the returns on your investment.

However, just like most kitchen components — cabinets are also subject to fads that last only for a year. In other words, you can have a popular kitchen cabinet design today, and lose the value tomorrow. None of us want that, do we?

To save you the trouble — we have listed down popular kitchen cabinet designs that are not only high on style and functionality but also pass the test of time.


12 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Designs


1. Open Concept in Cabinets

The trend is timeless and fits in perfectly with the concept of ’less is more’. Open shelving is not only a great alternative to upper cabinets, but also makes the space feel lighter and airier.

Line a single wall or more with floating shelves that may be used to display accessories, potted herbs, and your favorite dishware.


2. Cabinets with Glass-Front

Cabinets with glass-front doors work well to break the monotony of wall-to-wall cabinetry and allow you to display your best dishes, glassware, and collectibles.

However, we don’t recommend going overboard with glass doors in your existing kitchen design and just add a few to create a fresh look. That way, you can display what you want and hide what you want as well.





3. Energize your Space with Yellow

Contemporary style kitchens are often spotted with colorful cabinetry. But have you ever thought of energizing your traditional kitchen with a pop of color?

Try bold yellow in the lower cabinets and even your island to wake up the space. The color will add an energetic hue to an otherwise neutral space. If your countertops happen to be dark-stained, the yellow will give an eye-catching contrast to the final setting.




4. Cabinets with Metal Grate

Cabinets with metal grate fronts let you play between the concept of open and closed storage. As opposed to the glass-front cabinets where you need to be careful with what you display, metal grate cabinets do not ask for any such considerations. You can store your stuff the way you want without having to worry about the pretty displays because you can’t see straight through.


5. Cabinets with Accent Hardware

You can change the entire ambiance of your kitchen by simply opting for accent hardware. From pulls to knobs to handles, your space can take on an entirely different dimension depending upon the kind of hardware you go in for. From brass to copper to chrome, you can find all kinds of antique hardware at vintage stores and flea markets.


6. Opt for Lower Cabinets

Have a fancy statement hood in your kitchen? Why not highlight the element by lowering the cabinets. The arrangement works in two ways. To start with, it fixes the eye on the exclusive hood and secondly, the cabinetry moving towards the lower wall prevents the visual clutter on the wall space.




7. Glossy Floating Cabinets

For those in love with the definition of maximalist, glossy floating cabinets in a kitchen abound with lacquer, marble, and tiles hold a lot of appeal. Get the look by choosing a backsplash that goes with the kitchen island, cover the floor with tiles, and watch your floating cabinets pop with a glossy paint finish.


8. Whitewash the Existing Cabinets

For a kitchen that is done in black and white, grey can play the role of softening the contrast between black and white. The final impact also complements the stainless steel in the kitchen.

The particular style may be imbibed by either opting for ash wood or by whitewashing the existing brown wood cabinets.



9. Blue Cabinets

Blue is the new emerging neutral and it applies to your kitchen cabinets too. Since the color is found widely in nature, subdued shades of color are finding a way in modern kitchens.

For a foolproof combination, go in for dusty blue cabinets and pair them with natural wood accents and industrial materials.





10. All-White Cabinets

All-white cabinets in an all-white kitchen look great but must be complemented with the right moldings, raised-panel cabinet doors, and recessed panel doors to prevent them from feeling like sterile boxes.



11. Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

Dedicate an entire wall to storage with kitchen cabinets. The element is often accompanied by other kitchen trends, such as open cabinetry and oversized windows. Floor-to-ceiling cabinetry helps to reduce storage from other areas wherein the bank of cabinets can be used to store kitchen essentials including frequently used dishes, small appliances, and linen.

You may use the toe-kick or the space between the cabinets and the floor to install a shallow drawer. It works towards using the underused space to house serving dishes and baking pans.



12. Two-Toned Cabinetry

Looking for a modern twist on your traditional cabinetry? Go in for a two-toned look by opting for a different color for upper and base cabinets. For instance, try an all-white shade on the upper cabinets and a deep grey on the base cabinets. Continue with a warm grey pattern on the tile floor.





How to Choose Cabinets for Your Kitchen?

Your kitchen is where you cook, eat, and entertain. Hence it’s important to create a design that ticks all these boxes. A perfectly fitted kitchen that offers maximum functionality and streamlines the given space is the ultimate solution for a busy family home.

A well-thought-out kitchen cabinet design will add years of service and also revamp the style of the busiest room in your house.


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