A bathroom remodel is a crucial step to appreciate the overall value of a property. However, the plumbing, flooring, lighting, and fixture installation can shoot the cost way upward. Therefore, you should carefully assess the aspects of small bathroom remodel costs. For instance, you should know where to cut the corner if possible and how to keep the process and material procurement cost-effective and well within the limit.

Dimensions of the bathroom are mainly the driving factor behind the bathroom remodel cost. Then come the kind of material and accessories that go into the remodeling project. Although that is the flexible part and homeowners have multiple choices for fixtures and other materials depending upon their budget, requirements, and liking.

Although limited in terms of space, a small bathroom can have a massive impact on the overall price of the property. So if you have a plan to sell your property, then a perfectly remodeled bathroom can prove to be a central selling point with a positive impact on the price.


The Average Cost to Remodel a Small Bathroom


average small bathroom remodel costs

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On average, a small bathroom remodel with an area of around 40 Square feet will cost about $7000. But that’s a gross estimate. You can go as low as $1500 for a low-end small bathroom remodeling project on a tight budget. The high-end project, on the other hand, will cost you upward of $16000.

Fixture and labor costs are the significant chunks of any small bathroom remodel costs. If we go by the above figures, for a per square foot of your small bathroom area, you will be paying around $50 for low-cost fixtures, excluding the labor cost.

However, for a small luxury bathroom with high-end fixtures and installation carried out by the licensed contractor, the price can go up to $300 per square foot and beyond.


Construction Costs for Small Bathroom Remodel


If you are on a decent budget and go with professional labor, keep in mind that it will significantly impact your overall expenditure. Labor cost varies depending upon the geographic location. As compared to suburbs, cities will have considerably high labor costs, far exceeding the national average.

In any case, professional contractors will take away significant chunks of your total spending. For your total budget, you have to allocate around 40% to labor cost. Counters, cabinetry, and bathroom fixtures will take away approximately 35-40%, and tiling will handle the rest of the 20% spending.

Additionally, if you hire a contractor for your small bathroom remodel, you have to add 4-5% extra to your total spending. Any decent designer will charge up to $120 per hour.


Material Costs for a Small Bathroom Remodel


Tightly following the budget is highly recommended to exclude overspending. To keep the spending within your estimate, homeowners must procure materials that fit the need and liking most cost-effectively.

Consider bathroom flooring, for example – glass tiles or hardwood flooring will undoubtedly push your budget towards the higher end. Needless to say, if you are completely redoing the floor or replacing the shower, you have to call in a professional contractor. DIY removal of existing fixtures and tiles is not recommended.

The bathroom settings have a complicated array of water pipes and electrical wiring. A professional is needed to remove them properly. The entire process in the supervision of a contractor will add a minimum of $1000 to the total spending.


Plumbing Small Bathroom Remodel Costs


A plumbing contractor will oversee cutting the walls to insert pipelines and the installation of the fixtures and sanitary ware. Plumbing is a professional job, and you should hire a decent enough contractor to ensure the proper functioning of the whole plumbing setup.

If there remains a faulty line or fixture installation does not work correctly, you have to redo the entire fittings. It will incur a substantial extra cost. So the plumbing operation should be taken care of by an expert professional.

The average price for small bathroom plumbing is around $1200. On the lowest end of the range, a small half bathroom plumbing cost can go as low as $650.


Tiling Costs


small bathroom tiling

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It’s important to get your bathroom tile right. Tiling constitutes the whole surface, including the floor, walls, and shower. There is almost an infinite number of choices for tiling.

But each option has a different price point and additional costs. A reasonably decent tiling of the entire small bathroom remodel will set you back by $1400.

Both ceramic and porcelain tiles are a common choice and will cost around $6 to $12 per square foot. It does not include the installation cost or the removal of the old tiles. Marble, another popular tiling choice, although towards a luxury end, will cost around $18 per square foot.


Sanitaryware Costs


Tiling and paints are just one aspect of the bathroom, but sanitary wares give the authentic feel and aesthetics. The choices are varied and come in multiple price ranges.

An average toilet and sink installation will cost you around $150. For a higher-end, the price can be anywhere around $1000. But we recommend that you go for a quality product and not for cheaper variants.

A decent shower and faucet combo will cost between $150 to $200. You should note that these price ranges are for average quality. Prices will move up as you go for high-end design, quality, and functionality.

A shower tub also has multiple variants with different price tags. But a modest bathtub for a small bathroom will easily cost you $300 to $500.


Additional Small Bathroom Remodel Costs  


factors bathroom remodel costs

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Labor cost, tiling, plumbing, and sanitary ware constitute the small bathroom remodel project’s bulk. But the expenditure doesn’t end here.

Your small bathroom will need an electricals setup to maintain lighting and proper functioning of bathroom installations. Moreover, wiring, switches, tiling plasters, glue all add up to the cost. You should expect 5% of total spending to go into small bathroom remodel accessories and additional material costs.

To sum it up, it’s always good to have a clear picture of the different costs involved before committing to a small bathroom Remodel. Moreover, as a homeowner, you must allocate 15% to 20% extra funds to the overall budget. That will make you flexible while making essential bathroom remodel decisions.

Still, a well-maintained bathroom though a significant investment, can positively impact the overall property cost, especially if you are planning to sell the property.

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