Remodeling your bathroom is a large project. It takes time to plan the design and the budget to achieve a seamless remodeling project. The overall goal you wish to achieve with the remodel is to bring your bathroom out of its old, outdated, rundown condition, bringing a fresh, clean, updated space to your home. You want your bathroom to be a space you can love, relax in, and enjoy after a long day at the office. As you sit down to plan the design, it’s a good idea to know what the current trends are in bathrooms being remodeling in 2022.

Black is Sleek, Elegant, and Stunning

In most bathrooms, the overall design and color palette is neutral, featuring whites, creams, and tans. Adding bold statement of black can really bring some depth to the space and keep it from feeling so sterile. No matter what design style you choose, a modern touch can be added with black accents. Consider a black bathtub, a black faucet, black lighting, or black tile to highlight the other, more neutral aspects of the room. This is especially true in a white bathroom, where a black bathtub can really become the focal point.

Matte Tiles Take a Stand

Another of the current trends in bathroom remodeling revolves around tile. Most people choose a white tile for the shower, which provides a classic, timeless appearance. However, the current trend is tipping the balance and adding a little bit of variety to the bathroom. Gray or pale shades of natural colors are being used to create shower walls, in matte finish, of course. The soft, powdery matte finish adds an interesting appeal to your bathroom. These tiles can be used for the shower wall, as mentioned, or for the underfoot of your shower, as an accent piece.

Seamless Shower Doors and Curbs are Perfect

Gone are the days where your shower door requires heavy, bulky tracking. The current trend is a seamless shower door that does not have a lot of metal separating it from one piece of glass to the next. In addition, you will find that many shower doors are being installed without a frame, to enhance the seamless look. Furthermore, having floor tiles that run right into the shower, meaning they aren’t stopped by a ‘curb’ is another trend. It provides the space with a seamless, clean, and elegant appearance, as does a shower drain that is placed under the shower door tracking, as opposed to taking up the middle of your shower. Adding all of these small details can really make a big impact in your bathroom remodeling project.

Installment of Bathroom Ledges

Over the past few decades, storage and maximizing the space you have has become a major player in the design world. Making sure that you have plenty of room in your bathroom, and ensuring that all available space is used to its maximum potential isn’t changing with 2021. What is changing, however, is how designers are doing this. One way is through the installation of bathroom ledges behind the vanity, beside a free-standing tub, and in the shower. A ledge provides you space to keep items you use most often right at arm’s length. Adding these ‘shelving’ spaces can be done seamlessly by using the same material you use for the interior of your shower. For instance, if your floor and walls are marble, use marble for the ledges, so they appear to be built right in, which essentially they are.

Floating Vanities Make More Room

The final trend you need to know about when it comes to bathrooms is the floating vanity. In the past, floating vanities have been associated with only one type of bathroom design – modern. However, this year brings a new wave of floating vanity designs that work well with any style you choose. Much like the incorporation of bathroom ledges, floating vanities provide you the space you need in what is typically the smallest room in a home. In a particularly small bathroom, you can add a unique set of shelves that provide you with extra storage space, for things like washcloths, hand towels, and soaps. If you do not need the extra space, a floating vanity is an excellent way to allow you to showcase an amazing bathroom floor, which is necessary in a bathroom remodeling project.

When it comes to remodeling your bathroom, you want to stick to what works best for you. Although these are the hottest trends for 2021, if they do not match your design preference or style, you would want to choose something that does. However, most of these options are adaptable to any design preference, and giving them a try may be just want you need to improve your bathroom during a 2022 bathroom remodeling project.

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