For home-owners who struggle with the lack of space, remodeling can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to a small kitchen remodel. Not only do you have to navigate the world of remodeling but you also have the added challenge of working with a small space. To help you out, here are five smart small kitchen remodel ideas that will transform your space!

It doesn’t matter how big or small your kitchen is. With the right small kitchen remodel ideas, you will give your kitchen a functional and beautiful upgrade.


Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas


Say Yes to Lighter Tones


Kitchen with white cabinetry


One of the essential things to note down, if you’re willing to make your small kitchen look more significant, is: do not paint your kitchen cabinets with dark tones such as red or black. By using dark tones, you’ll allow the paint to absorb light. Opt for lighter tones such as beige, ivory, gray, shades of brown or white with a hint of dark tones to balance your kitchen remodel. This will keep your mood lighter and provide a more fresh and airy experience. While one can do away with a single color, there is a beauty in mixing them. For instance, you can always paint your lower cabinets blue and overhead cabinets white.


Open the Small Kitchen Space


Modern open kitchen with white cabinetry


With small kitchens, you are at a distinct disadvantage. You don’t have enough space to work with during the remodel. Hence, it would help if you created it. If your budget and space allow, you should open up your kitchen and integrate it with your living room.

By doing so, you are creating an illusion of a bigger kitchen and also increasing its functionality. A good idea here is to add a breakfast nook or a countertop between the two spaces to connect and distinguish them.


A DIY Project That Won’t Break Your Wallet

This is the type of DIY project that won’t make you spend over a hundred dollars on tiles. Yes, you heard that right. Tiles can be costly if not chosen wisely. With a good amount of options available, it’s easy to doubt yourself while choosing one. On average, kitchen tiles cost $15-$100 depending on the size and type you choose.

One that we would recommend is using tin tiles. Tin tiles offer a lot of benefits. For starters, they come with reflective properties, giving even the smallest kitchen the bright atmosphere it needs. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

DIY steps: Measure, cut, and start the installation process. Make sure to measure the area around the cabinets correctly. Draw out the measurements accurately to avoid wasting the space or any re-work. Don’t forget to secure and seal the seams. We say, spend on. It’s worth every penny. That being said, if you feel like it’s too much for you it is always a good idea to hire a contractor for tasks like these.


Use That Free Wall Space in Your Small Kitchen


small kitchen remodel ideas open shelves


Sometimes, the best way to free up space and come up with great storage solutions is to use all that free wall space. If your small kitchen has open wall space, make the most of it. Install hooks, rollers, floating shelves to hang tools, equipment, and utensils, among many other things. One way to make your kitchen pop is to paint or stain the shelves. Use a contrasting color to make your kitchen design sing.

As mentioned here, open shelves are great for a small kitchen. Not only do they add storage, but they also give the kitchen character and style as well as a modern look.


Focus on the Details

With all the hoopla about adding a statement to your kitchen, don’t forget the smallest details. It’s important not to forget about any minor aspect of your kitchen remodel: such as the faucet, bulbs, sinks, and knobs, to name a few. Adding details to your small kitchen remodel can go a long way in making your kitchen look great. A quick Google search will also give you a glimpse of what’s currently trending and applying it on your own.

For example, you might want to change the knobs in your kitchen to a brand-new one that matches your kitchen design. Just be creative!

It’s no surprise that small details in your kitchen can give you a massive upgrade. The perfect place to start can be the faucet. Replacing your old used faucet is enough to brighten up your kitchen—no need for a fancy faucet here. You can also try the ones that don’t cost a fortune, but you have to make sure it fits your design preferences.

Light it Right


modern small kitchen ideas with natural lighting


You’ll be surprised by how much difference good lighting can make to a small kitchen. Even with the best design and layout, a kitchen with bad lighting fails to hit the mark.

How can you avoid that? For starters, incorporate natural light. Natural light is the best friend of small kitchens. Whether you do it by breaking down a wall or installing a large window, that’s upto you. While remodeling a small kitchen, you have to prioritize natural lighting.

The main reason behind this is that the brighter the kitchen is, the bigger it will look and feel. That being said, let’s not forget that it will also look more welcoming than a dimly-lit kitchen. However, natural light is also not enough.

When you are thinking about lighting in your kitchen, you also have to think about artificial lights. Think pendant lights, recessed cabinet lights, and even floor lights. Thus, the key here is to incorporate multiple light sources as opposed to a single one. By doing so, you illuminate your small kitchen evenly and ensure a welcoming look to your remodel.

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