Small home living is an emerging trend. Plenty of people are downsizing from their unnecessarily large homes to smaller ones to save money or some just have to get used to a small space when living in a city. While this idea is great, it could also mean having to sacrifice certain things that you need if you are considering remodeling, such as your kitchen space. Here are some brilliant small kitchen storage solutions for you to make the most of your new space. 


Small Kitchen Storage Solutions


Floating Shelves


open shelving kitchen storage solutions


You probably see floating shelves on many lists on how to utilize your space wisely and rightfully so. With a small kitchen, you won’t have a lot of cabinet space. This is why installing floating shelves alongside your kitchen wall to place pots and pans on is a good idea for any small kitchen owner. 


Floating Spice Rack


Just like you won’t have all the room in the world for your pots and pans, your spices take up a lot of valuable space. But, as a chef, you can’t just get rid of all those delicious spices. Instead, install a floating spice rack and have all your spices displayed in front of you for quick, easy reach that does not clutter up space in your cabinets. 


Ruling Shelves


You can make more room anywhere, including in the cabinets. While you have space and the shelves provided, the ruling shelf in your cabinet adds some extra room that you’re going to need. Not only that, but it’s also convenient to get in and out. 


Hanging Ceiling Racks 


pots hanging on a ceiling rack


Just like floating shelves help you get pans and pots out of the way, hanging them from a rack that hangs from the ceiling is a great way to utilize each wall space effectively in your small space. It’s also aesthetically pleasing and a nice display that will have people talking about when they come to visit you. 


Install a Magnetic Strip


Why take up room on your countertop with a bulky knife block when you can stick those knives on your wall? By buying a simple magnetic strip, you’ll be able to attach all your expensive knives. It’ll also be easy to reach them while cooking, and just like the previous point, it’ll be pleasing for guests to see. 


Use a Kitchen Cart


Even if you have a small kitchen, you can still invest in a kitchen cart with wheels. Not only is it perfect for mobility, but it also provides more working surface. You’ll have another countertop to chop vegetables off of while being able to fit additional storage items that wouldn’t fit elsewhere.


Use a Fold-up Table 


Depending on how small your kitchen is, you might not have room for a table. At least, not the kind where you would be walking around a table while trying to prepare a meal. You might think this idea is a little out there, but you can have your table folded up against the wall. When you eat or need it for other purposes, you can pull it down. That’s why investing in a fold-up table is perfect for owners with limited space. 


Make use of Corner Shelving


By making good use of your cabinets’ corners, you open up more space and easier accessibility with your supplies while making the most of your existing kitchen layout. Also, it looks much more elegant and goes well with your dream kitchen design


Add a Standing Rolling Cart


When you have a small kitchen, you have to think out of the box. Depending on the measurements, you can always invest in a tall standing rolling cart. It will fit between the refrigerator and the wall: store spices, zip lock bags, etc. You can store more in your tiny kitchen with this creative thinking. 


Install Baskets


Most often, you have space between your cabinets and the ceiling. That’s valuable space in a tiny kitchen. With a few baskets, you can store valuable items that you bring out a few times a year to use. You can keep things like a slow cooker, cookie maker, waffle maker, and more. Rather than having them take up space under your sink or kitchen island, put them up top to make more room. 


Use Your Fridge


Just like there was unused space between the top of your cabinet and the ceiling, the same can be said for your fridge and other appliances. It’s time to put that space to good use. You can place items on top of it, or you can build yourself a shelf. Put your cookbooks up there and more. Doing this will add enough storage to your tiny kitchen. 


Add a Mounted Sink Caddy


Another thing you might not have thought of is a mounted sink caddy. You can put it above your sink and store all your routine cleaning supplies. Among small kitchen storage solutions, this will surely come handy post a delicious family meal. Place sponges, hand wash, and more right at the tip of your hands while leaving room on the actual sink for dishes and more. 


Dish Rack


dish racks in a kitchen


A basic dish rack is a pretty essential item for cleaning up your dishes, but it takes up room. If you have a small kitchen, you already don’t have a lot of counter space. Are you then going to take up room with a dish rack? We think not! There’s no need when you can mount the dish rack to create space while properly storing your drying dishes. 


Add Jar Shelves 


kitchen storage with glass jars


You probably use mason jars or glass jars a lot. You store food in them, liquid or pickling vegetables. You can sometimes run out of room for all of them, but there’s a solution. This may seem innovative; you can attach your jars to your shelves. Install a metal strip onto your shelf’s bottom, so the lids connect or fasten some way to store your jars creatively. 


Use Suspension Rods


spatula storage in kitchen


When you look at a small kitchen, you really have to look at the possibilities when it comes to storing. Anything could be a way to store more, so you have to keep looking. One such place is the inside of your cabinets, where you can install suspension rods to hang items such as spatulas and tongs. 


Get nifty with these small kitchen storage solutions and get your kitchen more organized instantly!


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